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Addressing Gettysburg

Mar 27, 2023

Jeff Shaara is back to talk about his first book, Gods and Generals. We discuss how he came to pick up the banner of his father Michael and write two of the novels in the Shaara Civil War Trilogy, his process for writing and more.


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Mar 27, 2023

Matt Borders is back with the second installment of his soon-to-be-award-winning histroy of the Army of the Potomac. This installment deals with the horrendous years of 1862. Will the AoP make it to 1863 or will they lose the war? You may never know what happened if you don't listen to this episode. 


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Mar 20, 2023

Greg Elder is back for the companion episode to last week's about the BMI. Was the Army of Northern Virginia's intelligence gathering system as effective as the Army of the Potomac's? The answer just might surprise you. Or mightn't.

Mar 20, 2023

Well, we had a great time exploring, mingling with fellow Gettysnerds and doing a live show from the Adams County Historical Society's new museum: "Gettysburg! Beyond The Battle". Andrew Dalton, Tim Smith, Jake Borritt and Sue Boardman join Matt (and a special guest co-host) and an audience of 120 for a little taste...

Mar 13, 2023

Greg Elder is the chief historian for the Defense Intelligence Agency,. Professor of intelligence at Johns Hopkins and joins me to talk about the Bureau of Military Information establish by Joseph Hooker for the Army of the Potomac.


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