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Addressing Gettysburg

Dec 31, 2019

Today we welcomed a new Licensed Battlefield Guide to the list of regulars to the show. His name is Lewis Trott. He's a three-year veteran of the guide force, a US Army veteran of the Desert Storm and the recent Iraq War and currently works as a librarian. Lewis has also been a consultant during the writing of the...

Dec 31, 2019

Licensed Battlefield Guide Lewis Trott joins Matt and Bob for the first time on this Ask A Gettysburg Guide. Some of the topics discussed on this episode are:

- Kemper's Brigade during Pickett's Charge

-Brooke's advance through the Wheatfield

- The U.S. Regulars at Gettysburg

- Relatives who fought on opposite sides of...

Dec 24, 2019

Have you ever had the chance to talk with Dr Peter S Carmichael? Well, here's your chance. Matt and Bob discuss The War For The Common Soldier... with Dr Carmichael. If you think this is just another book about eating hardtack and what soldiers carried in their knapsacks, you're gravely mistaken.
How did Civil War...

Dec 23, 2019

Merry Christmas! It's time for the final Ask A Gettysburg Guide of 2019. Bob Steenstra and Tim Smith continue with the questions that we couldn't fit into the previous Ask A Gettysburg Guide. 


Instagrammers who answered the call for questions in this episode...

Dec 19, 2019

It's time for another Ask A Gettysburg Guide! This time we received so many questions that we had to make this into two episodes. That means next week there will be another just in time for Christmas!


In this episode we take questions from Instagrammers:

The Great...