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Addressing Gettysburg

Jan 25, 2021


Codie Eash is back again to tickle your ears and broaden your mind with this interesting lecture about that time when the great Frederick Douglass came and spoke at Gettysburg. So, sit back, grab your favorite beverage, get out your notebook and learn from Codie. 

From Codie:

"Written in Ink and Marked with Blood: Frederick Douglass's Gettysburg Address

On January 25, 1869, the formerly enslaved and self-emancipated activist, author, and lecturer Frederick Douglass visited Gettysburg. There, at the site of the Civil War’s costliest engagement, Douglass delivered a speech in which he reflected upon the words spoken and deeds done on battlefields across the country during the “Abolition War” (as Douglass called it) from 1861-1865, and throughout the Reconstruction that followed. Through written word and commanding oratory, he brought meaning to the bloodletting of fallen Union soldiers and the martyred Abraham Lincoln, and placed the racial and political results of the war—constructive as well as destructive—within the context of world history. Join Codie Eash for this discussion of the motivations for Douglass’s address, how it was received by those who heard it, and what it means in our collective memory today." 

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