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Addressing Gettysburg

May 15, 2020

LBG Roy Frampton joins Matt, Bob and Tim from near the Howard Statue on East Cemetery Hill. While this Ask A Gettysburg Guide is about the National Cemetery, we didn't think four people on lawn chairs talking into microphones would look appropriate in the cemetery itself. So, we went across the street. 

In this episode, we cover topics such as:

-USCT graves

-the cemetery during the battle and the monuments within it

-A confederate mass grave in the Annex?

-Revelry in the town the night before the Dedication

-Confederate soldiers buried among the Union dead

-boxes containing the personal effects taken from the "Unknown" soldiers

-The Bivouac of the Dead matching up with the melody of Gilligan's Island

-methods used to identify the dead

-families recovering their buried soldiers

and which unit has the most soldiers buried in its section.

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