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Addressing Gettysburg

Jan 16, 2020

LBG Jim Pangburn (of the Patreon episode "The March North" fame) joins us for his first ask a guide. 


Some of the topics covered in this episode are:

-Are there instances of officers having to kill or maim their soldiers in order to get them to fight?

-What are some good ways to study weaponry?

-The 24th Michigan vs. the 26th North Carolina and the number of color bearers to go down in that fight

- Barksdale's Charge vs Pickett's: which one was more impressive?

- Do the guides have a least favorite monument?

- Were there Regulars in the Confederate Services?

- The assault of Daniel's Brigade

- Lyme disease during the Civil War?


and more. 

Questions submitted by Instagrammers:


The Great Tronetti







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