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Addressing Gettysburg

May 22, 2020

Hey everyone. Here’s a quick update for you. Adams county is going I to the yellow phase. So what does that mean? It means that GettysBike Tours will open on Thursday, May 28, with certain restrictions. So make sure you check or call them at 717.752.7752. 


Mason Dixon Distillery is still shipping their wonderful liquor to Pennsylvania residents only, but now they’re offering curbside pick up for anyone in the area. Just go to and click curbside.   


As for Addressing Gettysburg, we should be able to produce more content as life slowly returns. More importantly, our #getoutofthecar2020 tours, lead by LBG Lewis Trott are back on. For a full calendar of events go to You can also book a Licensed Battlefield Guide by dropping me a line at So come and see us! We’ve missed you. And don't forget to listen to Addressing Gettysburg on your way here to enhance your battlefield experience.


#adamstogether #adamscountystrong