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Addressing Gettysburg Podcast

Oct 18, 2021


Earlier this year, we were contacted by someone from the Irreverent Warriors. Apparently, some of them are fans and they invited us to join them on their 9-11 Silkies Hike in Gettysburg National Military Park. We were honored and accepted the invitation. I brought along my handy recorder and roamed the line looking for interviews. I spoke with a good number of people about their service and why they're an Irreverent Warrior. 

The MISSION of Irreverent Warriors is to bring veterans together using humor and camaraderie to improve mental health and prevent veteran suicide

The VISION of Irreverent Warriors is to be the force that unites the Veteran community and drives a healthy culture within its members. Through creative engagements, events, and strong Veteran-based support networks, we will be known as the catalyst for improving the Veteran outlook. 

We will be the most effective Veteran community in the United States.


Join the fight!