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Addressing Gettysburg Podcast

Sep 9, 2020


September 19 at 10am: 
“Drive them out at daylight” and “It is murder, but it’s an order.” We’ll explore the Union’s effort to push the Confederate forces off their foothold on lower Cup’s Hill on the morning of July 3, 1863, with particular focus on the fight of Maryland versus Maryland, and the fight for what we now call “Pardee’s Field”.  

Follow the steps of Lt. Col Charles Mudge and the 2nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment, along with the 27th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment as the charged across the open ground of Spangler’s Meadow on the morning of July 3, 1863 as part of a Union attack before Pickett’s Charge.

This tour is free to all and is put togethe by LBG Lewis Trott