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Addressing Gettysburg

May 30, 2022

Caroline Janney, author of the new book from UNC Press, "Ends of War", was kind enough to join us to talk about how many different ways the war ended for Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. It wasn't as cut and dry as we like to think it was.   
You can find her book and others HERE

May 23, 2022

LBGs Lewis Trott and Chris Army stopped by the studio to share their top 5 choices for Gettysburg books/resources. If you're a serious student of the battle, or you're studying for the guide exam when they offer it in 2098, you need to listen to this episode. Perhaps you're familiar with some of the resources, perhaps...

May 16, 2022


And speaking of Patreon, did you know that 8 out of 10 doctors in Northern Ireland agree that the best preventative measure you can take for good health include diet, exercise and becoming a Patron of Addressing Gettysburg? Of course you didn't know that. I just made...

May 9, 2022

Eric Lindblade is a Licesned Battlefield Guide and cohost of the Battle of Gettysburg Podcast with Jim Hessler.  For many years, Eric has been researching and writing a book on the 26th North Carolina. So, who else would we get to talk about them? The 26th joined the Battle of Gettysburg with over 800 men and officers....

May 8, 2022

ACHTUNG! The date for this tour is May 28. This episode was recorded in January, prior to learning that Tim and Garry decided to do their tour on May 21st. We just can't compete with them, even with a free tour to offer, so we changed the date to May 28. AGAIN, that's May 28. The 28th of May. 28/5/22 or 5/28/22. Always...