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Addressing Gettysburg Podcast

Sep 25, 2020


In this special edition of Ask A Gettysburg Guide Actor, we put our study of the Battle of Gettysburg on hold to talk to Bo Brinkman, one of the cast of the movie Gettysburg, about the making of the film that brought so many of us Gettysnerds to become students of the battle. This is brought to you without commercial interruption by the good folks over at the American Battlefield Trust. I’m sure you already know what great work they do in saving the sacred ground of our country. Well they also did your buddies at Addressing Gettysburg a great favor by allowing us the use of General Lee’s Headquarters on Seminary Ridge. The ABT preserves battlefields and educates the public about America’s formative conflicts and why they matter today.


You can visit them at for videos, maps and thousands of articles. 


Besides the Lee’s Headquarters site (which they preserved and restored) they have preserved more than 800 additional acres in and around Gettysburg.

They are currently trying to preserve land along the Baltimore Pike on Cemetery Hill and at the base of Big Round Top. Find more Information and donate to the cause at


And I’d like to personally thank Tim Smith for getting us in touch with Garry Adelman and also Garry Adelman for setting this up with a day’s notice. SOMEDAY we will get Garry in the show. He is highly requested by our listeners.  

If you’re a patron of ours, you’ve heard our guest on the show before alongside Patrick Gorman. You, of course, know him as Major Walter Taylor, who apparently had a love of flapjacks in small mountains, in the movie Gettysburg. But he is also a writer, director and producer known for the 2016 film The Last Man Club, starring the late Morgan Sheppard who you know as General Isaac Trimble,he was in Swing State and produced and directed the upcoming film The Bay House among many others. Welcome, the great Bo Brinkman.