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Addressing Gettysburg Podcast

Sep 3, 2020


Rain. Thunder! A gift from a listener and a shocking gift for Eric the Producer, from Matt. That's how this episode starts off before LBG Jim Pangburn takes questions about Little Round Top during the Battle of Gettysburg. Podcast listening is a good way to start your journey into history, but it doesn't replace touring the battlefield yourself, or, better yet, with a Licensed Battlefield Guide. Shoot us an email at if you'd like to book one of our guides for a tour. 


Questions cover:

  • Vincent's Brigade
  • Crawford's 5 acre memorial to his troops
  • Captain Johnston's Reconnaisannce
  • Paddy O'Rorke's Nose
  • The March of Law's Brigade
  • Restoration proposals for Little Round Top
  • Was Little Round Top really that valuable for the Confederates?

and more!

Questions are submitted by Patrons in the 2nd Lieutenant tier right here.