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Addressing Gettysburg

Apr 4, 2020

This is a special Winter Lecture Series upload because it wasn't recorded at the visitor center with an audience. It will probably be the last Winter Lecture on this feed until this Coronavirus experience is over with and things get back to normal. 

We offered a platform to Historian and Writer Codie Eash here on our feed to present the lecture he would have presented had the lectures not been canceled. This offer stands for all of the remaining lecturers. 

We interviewed Codie at the Virginia Memorial about this lecture for our Patreon content  and our Patrons are really giving us good feedback about it. They're excited to hear the whole thing. Well, here it is. 


You can hear Codie on Avery Lentz's Battles and Banter Podcast.

As always, this free material was made possible by the generous and fun group of Patrons over at our Patreon Page.