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Addressing Gettysburg

Feb 15, 2021

Martin Husk spent an hour and a half discussing his book "The 111th New York Volunteer Infantry" with us. While the 111th may not be a fabled regiment like the 20th Maine or 6th Wisconsin, it's service during the war and at Gettysburg was no less full of adventure and Hell. 
Part of Willard's "Harpers Ferry Cowards", the 111th NY helped stop Barksdale's Charge, endured the bombardment before Pickett's Charge and helped repel what was left of the Pettigrew-Trimble part of the assault. 
Martin did a great job researching the men and events of the 111th NY. The detail in this book is perfect for the student of the Civil War who wants to get a feel for what a soldier's experience was during the war. Get your copy here